Things too aware while returning the car
This is the most important fact sheet that describes you what you need to be aware of during and after collection of vehicle to us. While you are returning the vehicle these highlights must kept in mind and you must be familiarized with this content.
The elements you have to fulfill at the returning moment of the car – make sure these items are placed in the car or there may be a charge.
• You must have to return the car in a road worthy condition.
• Private number plates must be removed physically.
• You have to return all the accessories that are supplied on delivery including Master Keys, Wheel security key and Service Book.
• You have to remove all personal effects from vehicle including phone kits, Sat Nav, Trackers or any element once car has collected then company is not responsible.
• You have to delete all your destination points and tracking details from trackers.
Once you have submitted your car then it is full inspected by our inspector and he will make sure that car has no accident damage or anything. A full inspection will take place at our designated place and with the advancement of technology and techniques will make sure our inspectors access in exactly the right way.