Does Engine Size Matters?
Picking the right engine size might be slightly or trickier – an engine size is referred to as its capacity or displacement. It is a measurement of how much space the engine’s pistons operate in.
Engine size in the UK is measured in either liters or cubic centimeters (cc) – as a rough the more space you have it means more power you have. The older cars have a bigger engine but technology is rapidly increasing that latest car with small engines have the same power.
In considering the appropriate car we suggest you consider the power of engine instead of size and we display the power output in vehicle’s description.
Things have gone more complicated recently due to the advent of more powerful engines such as turbochargers – however, if two engines are of same age then the bigger engine is more powerful. Today the car engine sizes as well as trim size – the bigger the size more expensive.
Getting into Company’s Car:
People always confused whether they take the car from company or cash? But now many people are returning to get company’s car the reasons are as follows:
Many companies are offering cars to their employees with new schemes through Gold Fleet – to encourage their employees and make them feel better as new car make them happy and can be safer or more fuel efficient. It can also make a better first impression with customers – that count a lot.
With company’s car, you don’t need to pay depreciation or to sell it and one more advantage is no unexpected bills. You simply return keys and choose the next one. Regular serving, insurance all are added but no other bill is served if you are owned company car. This increases the value of money for employees.
Total support from Gold Fleet:
If your car belongs through Gold fleet – then having single phone call is enough for maintenance of the car. We lend you temporary car and collect your car and return back your car washed and vacuumed when work has done.
If you own your own car then things get complicated dropping it off, arranging alternative vehicle and collecting it and paying bills but if you own Gold Fleet car then things get more convenient.
• We offer you quick and same day services.
• Free collection and delivery.
• Free wash and Vacuum.